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Who is Virtual Trunk?
Virtual Trunk provides a one stop solution to our customers via our proprietary Virtual Trunk Multimedia Trunking Management System and D’call IP Smart Terminals.
Where can I use my D’call IP Smart Terminals?
Virtual Trunk Multimedia Trunking Management System offers a broad access to 3G, 4G LTE and 4G HSPA+. As long as there is a network cellular coverage, you can use our D’call IP Smart Terminals.
What are the advantages of D'call over conventional trunking radios?
Conventional Trunk radios have limited indoor coverage and its infrastructure set up is very costly. With telco’s cellular network, our outdoor coverage can reach up to 95% (Telcos dependent) and most of the major buildings are covered.
Can D'call Smart IP Terminals work overseas?
D’call hardware is designed to interoperate with all major Telco’s network. For overseas usage, the local data SIM card is an option.
Where can I buy the equipment and subscribe?
Please send your enquiry via through our CONTACT US page and we will refer you to our Partners in the country that you reside in.
What are the Value Added Services that I can subscribe?
Our Value Added Services include sending and receiving pictures/ videos, GPS, Event Logging, Electronic Fencing, Job Ticketing System etc.
Does Virtual Trunk offers an integrated dispatch console?
Yes. Virtual Trunk offers dispatch handling through a Windows-based PC console or via any Android smartphone devices. Key functions include managing PTT, sending and receiving text messages/ pictures/ videos & location services from the console. Please contact us for the full list of features that our console can offer.
Can my IP Smart Radio interoperate with LMR or PMR systems?
Yes. It can interoperate with LMR and PMR via SIP Gateway, ACU interoperability gateway and donor radio (additional equipment are required).
What is Priority Call?
D’call IP Smart Terminal that is enabled with this service can interrupt conversations during an emergency in order to deliver critical communications.
Can I make GSM phone calls?
You are able to make external duplex calls if you are using a full mobile SIM. If you are using data SIM, you can only make duplex data calls. (Terminal dependant)
I have problem with the services, where can I get help?
You can call our partner/s in your host country, alternatively you can send us a mail via our CONTACT US page.